Leading Digital Change

As a premier provider of end-to-end IT solutions with over 15 years of experience, we empower businesses for the future through digital transformation.

We know what it takes to help your business innovate and succeed in an ever-changing global environment.

Leading Digital Change

We architect and build tailored IT solutions and custom software for a wide range of industries.

Our 150 experienced engineers and developers apply cutting-edge technologies to help companies digitalize their business models and processes, to achieve a competitive advantage and dominate their industries.

Our dedicated teams of senior-level software architects, technology experts, product designers and engineers are highly equipped to support the specific needs of any type of client. We have been harnessing the power of integrated technologies for over 15 years, delivering more than 200 high-end projects for more than a dozen different industries, from Health and FinTech to Manufacturing and Heavy Industries.

Our satisfied clients include large corporations and SMEs, but we also love working with young startups to help them turn their visions into a reality.


If you can envision it, we can build it

Custom Software

Focused on meeting your business needs, our team will get out of the comfort zones to build scalable, easy-to-integrate, flexible solutions tailored specifically to your requirements.

Streaming Solutions

Leveraging our deep tech domain knowledge and expertise, we will help you deliver a perfect streaming experience to help you get your message out globally.

IoT & Embedded

Our wide expertise in providing end-to-end solutions with focus on edge and IoT platform development blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds helping you bring new business models to life.

Mobile Applications

We will help you build reliable and comprehensive and customized mobile apps for all platforms enabling innovative ways to interact with customers and clients.

Web Applications

Unlock a world of possibilities and move your business forward with our grade-A, responsive and easy-to-maintain web apps delivered with speed, agility and accuracy.

Real-Time Communications

Whether you want to modify an existing piece of software with some RTC functionality, or build a brand new RTC solution, we will help you develop truly powerful real-time communication apps.


With a supreme level of quality and state-of-the-art technology, we help banks enter the new digital era that will automate their processes, improve customer experience, help engage with them in a more meaningful way, and reinvent their business.


We meet the highest demands in implementing Microsoft technologies, and providing high-quality Microsoft services to help you build secure, robust, scalable, high performance web applications.

DevOps / Migrations

From assessments and consulting to actual implementations, our DevOps engineering teams will architect your infrastructure seamlessly and migrate your data or legacy servers to modern platforms.

QA & Testing

From helping you identify an issue in your own software, games or mobile products to full-cycle automated testing, our experts are there to identify what’s wrong and fix it, so you can focus on other things that matter.

With You Every Step Of The Way

We apply Lean and Agile methodologies throughout the entire product development lifecycle to deliver high velocity innovation.

Our dedicated teams of Product Designers, Software Architects, DevOps, QA Testers and Project Managers bring the skills and experience needed to see any project through from start to finish.


Every project starts with a roundtable with key stakeholders to understand your company’s vision and business goals. We analyze value propositions to form the right team of experts that will bring your solutions to life.

Discovery discovery


Whether you are planning to automate business processes or improve performance, we help you define the right business strategy to build human-centric solutions that will exceed your customers’ expectations.

Advisory Advisory


Leveraging the synergy of our creativity and deep engineering capabilities, our multidisciplinary teams work closely with you to design the right game-changing products that meet evolving customer demand.

Design Design

Dev & QA

Implementing all the necessary insights and requirements our developer teams have gathered in the previous phases, we deliver disruptive, intuitive and captivating solutions that drive your digital transformation.

dev-qa dev-qa


We support your enterprise with scalable solutions every step of the way by providing maintenance plans and enhancing your customers’ ability to stay agile and scale at all times.

Support Support

How We Can Do It

We work alongside existing software teams, or we can become the entire software team. We can organize 3 different models of engagement depending on your needs. It is entirely up to you.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of skilled technology experts will help you build digital experiences or products from end to end, on time, on scope, and in line with the highest standards of quality.


Extension of Your Team

We can extend your technical teams quickly with our developers who will operate as a part of your in-house team and adapt to your business routines to ensure successful project delivery.


Project-Based Engagement

Our project-based teams excel at delivering robust and innovative solutions that will help you move your business forward, all while optimizing time, scope of work and costs.


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