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Itekako: Real People,
Real Stories, Real Success

Our Story

Itekako is an IT software developemnt company founded 15 years ago with the idea to create a friendly and enthusiastic work environment where work-life balance and innovative projects make people happy to come on Mondays. That enthusiasm, a sense of accountability and pursuit for excellence in delivery enabled us to grow to 150+ people, 200+ successful projects in 11+ industries, so far.

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How we do things

At Itekako, we're all about mixing tech smarts with a dash of 'Itekako magic’ to deliver the best possible digital products for our clients.

We run in sprints (agile, usually), but essentially we are marathoners - the people we work with and the clients we work for have been with us for a long time.

We're all about IT (that's information tech) and 'kako' (that's Serbian for 'how')—which means we're crazy curious about everything we do.

Our Mission

At Itekako, our mission is to ignite businesses worldwide with cutting-edge software solutions. We create, build and scale all things digital, serving startups, scale-ups, and big players.Through teamwork, our tech wizardry, and a relentless pursuit of awesomeness, we help our clients conquer their tech dreams and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital universe.

Our values

Image that represent curiosity.
Be curious
Search for how things are done, and how they can be done better.  Challenge status quo.
Man standing on a mountain top looking in the distance. Image represents growth.
Grow knowledge and skills and lift others along the way. Personal and business growth go hand in hand.
Image of a young woman with earbuds having relaxing face expresion representing accountability inside of workplace
Be accountable
Own the s**t when it’s good, and when it's not. Stay behind your decisions, gut and knowledge.
Man and a woman running image represents acting in a long run inside in work organisation
Act long run
Work in sprints, but think like a marathoner. Long term results matter.
Image of few people discussing a project hunched over laptop screen. Image represents team work.
Toughest problems won’t be solved alone. Work and play as team members.
Two playful girls representing diversity in workplace.
Equal respect, empathy and opportunities to show your true colors and bring authentic selves.
Two girls talking.
Open communication
Constructive feedback and transparent communication create positive change.
Man high jumps. Image represents raising the bar in workplace.
Raise the bar
Don’t accept “good enough” when you know it can be better. Exceed clients and colleagues expectations.

Curious to explore how we can grow together?

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Gif of hands typing on the keyboard.
Fist bumping image.
Gif of a man that that circling his index fingers

Meet some of the faces behind Itekako

Ognjen Šami
Jelena Šami
Tatjana Andrejić
Marija Čajetinac Martinović
Software Development Business Unit Manager
Nemanja Martinović, Phd
DevOps Architect, Operational Manager
Gorica Božić
Head of Software Development Department
Sanja Žuržul
Head of DevOps Department
Miloš Jankucić
Head of Software Development Department
Olgica Marinković
HR Specialist 
Jovana Dinić
HR Specialist
Velimir Šuša
Head of Software Development Department
Srđan Salamunović
Sales Development Manager
Jovana Milićević
Interim CMO