Since 2006, ITekako has been designing and building custom software solutions for clients around the world.

At Itekako, we address every problem from two angles:

Architecture : First, we look at the problem you're trying to solve and design frameworks that will ensure the most elegants final solution. We look at the big picture and design software that makes the most sense for you and your end users.

Engineering: Next, with the right blueprints in hand, our engineers efficiently build custom IT solutions from scratch. We can also 'build to spec' if you already have product requirement documents in hand.

We believe that adequate development process can directly affect product/project overall quality. As software engineering company we have experience in formal development processes and methodology (Unified Process, MSF) and agile methodologies (SCRUM, XP, DSDM).

In context of project/product constraints we can follow any agreed effective (minimal and complete) process that will contribute product quality and sustainability, during product development (documentation, configuration management) and product support.

Successful synergy is based on effective and transparent communication. For every project set of agreed practices (documented daily/weekly meeting) and project tracking infrastructure is established ensuring transparent insight on project status.

We are tool-agnostic, and excel in open source development, as well as proprietary frameworks, embedded platforms, streaming solutions, security and business intelligence and reporting system.

Tools and technologies are chosen in context of project/client needs.

Example: We have pioneered failover server architecture that use low cost hardware and dramatically reduces deployment cost for high availability systems.

Itekako team is made up of professionals holding Master/Bachelors degrees in computer sciences and software engineering, mathematicians, technologists, occasional philosophers, mountain climbers and capoeira enthusiasts. Varying expertise in backend and frontend development, UI/UX design, integration&deployment and other IT areas is unified by love for what we do, strive for continuous self-improvement and our partners satisfaction.

We work together for many years and know each others specialties in detail. We repeatedly proved to successfully conquer new technologies and challenges that various projects have brought us. Diversity of our backgrounds brings wider approach in every step and aspect of development process. Therefore our products are on-time, robust, scalable and optimized.